Forró Connects: Celebrating the Joyful Rhythm of Brazil


Forró Connects is a community of passionate forró enthusiasts who are dedicated to sharing the vibrant forró rhythms of Northeastern Brazil with the world. Since our inception in 2019, we have been committed to providing a platform for people to connect, learn, and celebrate the rich culture of forró.

At Forró Connects, we organize a variety of events, including dance classes, parties, and concerts, that allow people to experience the infectious energy and joy of forró music and dance. We believe that forró is more than just a genre of music - it is a way of life that brings people together and creates a sense of belonging.

For those who may not be familiar with forró, it is a traditional music and dance style that originated in the Northeastern region of Brazil. It is characterized by its lively and upbeat tempo, and the use of instruments such as accordion, triangle, and bass drum. Forró music is often accompanied by energetic dance moves that involve close physical contact between partners, creating a sense of intimacy and connection.

Forró has a rich history that is deeply rooted in Brazilian culture, and we are proud to be a part of a community that celebrates this tradition. At Forró Connects, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages people of all backgrounds to come together and experience the joy of forró.

Whether you are a seasoned forró dancer or a newcomer to the scene, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and connection. Let's celebrate the rhythm of Brazil together at Forró Connects.

Fiete: It took only 11 years to arrive at Forró


Fiete - the second board member of Forró Connects in Dresden. Fiete started with the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira in 2004. It is tradition in Capoeira to end workshops with a Forró party. "At first, I could only stand and watch at these parties," says Fiete.

In 2015, he finally decided to attend a Forró workshop with Sebastian in Dresden. "Since then, I've been infected with the Forró virus," he laughs, and is now a permanent member of the Dresden Forró scene, as well as a founding member and second board member of Forró Connects.

For him, the varied music and the fact that there are few rules for the dance are particularly appealing: "Everyone dances a little differently - individually - which makes every dance exciting again."



For me, Forró is a feeling... more precisely, a feeling of free spirit. Forró is rhythm, closeness, and happiness!

What I love about Forró is the openness of the people and the feeling of having all the dances I knew so far combined into one dance. And getting from each dance what I like the most.

I came across Forró through my dear friend and fellow student Doreen Mehner at one of the outdoor dance meetings in the summer of 2019 at the #glockenspielpavillon of the Japanese Palace on the Elbe. Since then, I have been infected by the mobility of the bodies in this music.

My challenge for myself is to be able to lead.

My dance biography so far:

  • from 6 to 14 years, dance group ballet and from 12 to 14 modern dance (performances in the theater) at the Pionierpalast Berlin-Köpenick (now #fez)
  • from 14 to 18, ADTV world dance program standard & Latin, mambo at the dance school Hanni Hook Berlin with Angelika Schubert
  • 1997 American Line Dance Torbay GB
  • 1999 Rock'n' Roll at the TU Dresden
  • since 2000, occasional ADTV world dance program at and Tanzschule Nebl in Dresden
  • since 2010 Salsa at Soda Club Berlin, Tango Argentino Berlin/ Dresden
  • from 2019 Forró at Forró Connects e.V. Dresden

I'm happy to support Forró Connects in planning and organizing with ideas and to be able to express my artistic side in configuring the clothing in the merchandise :).

Miriam saw our association meeting through our Instagram story in February 2023 and contacted us. We were very happy to welcome her and have been super happy and grateful for her great support ever since!